Masterminding Your Vision Statement

Masterminding Your Vision Statement

Let’s start at the very beginning ….

At FGC, we strongly believe in getting the basics of your company right in order to propel your business up to dizzier heights. No matter what stage you are within your business development, make sure the fundamentals of your company, such as its general vision and mission, are perfected to a tee. To help, we’ve put together some quick tips and crafted a special formula on how to mastermind the ideal vision statement.

Those of you who attended our uber-inspiring 12 hour workshop last October will remember starting the day off with some face to face help on writing your vision statements. We hope it's stuck somewhere on a wall at home or in your office and you've got it so memorised now that you could say it in your sleep! For the ladies that didn't attend, we’re recapping the details about writing your vision statement below. It's really simple, we promise!

Remember, your vision statement is a chance to define your company’s GOALS, ETHICS AND CULTURE, an effective tool to be used when communicating your business objectives or acting as a decision-making guide.

Good vision statements are:

  • Audacious - Whatever plan for you have for your business right now but x10!
  • Authentic  - You actually have to believe in your own vision to have an effect on others so please don’t lie or copy anyone else’s.
  • Meaningful -  It needs a divine purpose to get people excited before they even see the product. 
  • Clear, Concise & Impactful - Imagine this is your elevator pitch and you have under 30 seconds to sell your idea. Define your objectives quickly and in a way that captivates your audience. 
  • Inspiring - You want your employees and investors to be enthusiastic about working towards your vision.
  • Long standing - Remember, your product can change several times but your vision should always stay the same.

The FGC Vision Statement Formula ...




That single statement should be able to address the following:

  • Who are you.
  • What do you stand for.
  • Why you are doing this.
  • What your company will do for its customers, the community and the world.
  • Why your customer’s life is better because of your business. 

Everything you do has to always refer back to this statement, including all your branding and whatever product or service you are selling. It is now the basis for your entire business! 

For more details on crafting your vision statement, watch our Youtube video here. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel too!