Writing A One Pager Business Doc

Writing A One Pager Business Doc

We set out to make FGC unlike any other girl business event with super hands on workshops so we can be sure you're acting on the advice in the panel discussions.  We also want to ensure that genuine women who need our support receive a place on the day so we ask all applicants to submit a one pager thats tells us about your business. 

The purpose of a one pager is to get the reader excited, to whet their appetite so they wanna read more, ask more, MEET YOU! This could be a potential investor, a customer, or just someone to whom you need to clarify your ideas. The most important person for who you write this one pager is yourself. This is the best way to stop all your ideas floating around in your head and make the first step to say, yep, I'm gonna start my own business. 

A one pager could take the form of 

  • An Executive Summary (really detailed)
  • A pitch deck overview (mainly big omnipotent statements)
  • A single vision statement (sometimes a cop out, sometimes intriguing) 

But it should include

  • One-sentence pitch (the grand vision)
  • Business summary
  • Product/service
  • Competitive advantage - what makes you special?
  • Target market (and current customers, if any)
  • Sales/Marketing/Customer Acquistion strategy
  • How will you make money / Business Model
  • Founding team info
  • Roadmap

Here are our fave links for writing the one pager. 

"Your executive summary should be the cliffnotes of your business plan" 

"By doing this," he says, "you develop a better vision of what your business is all about, and you become better at telling your story."

"Executive summary is a bit of a misnomer. What you're really trying to do is lay out the business case."

This is totally the max amount of text you should have on a one pager before it becomes boring

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