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the 2018 set up


The knowledge gathered last year & at our 2016 flagship event is currently being refined into an online platform which will launch later this year.

Events kicked of with CogX in June & will be opportune. This is down to the fact the team behind FGC are currently busy ACTIONING their own VISIONS.

In the meantime, stay inspired by reading our blog, keep an eye out for our online platform, & lock in to our socials & Meetup for event updates x

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the 2017 programme

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the 2016 flagship event

More information about our first & flagship event here.


fgc x Johnnie Walker

On Saturday 15th October we held our free 12 hour business marathon for future female leaders.

With back to back workshops, seminars and engaging panel discussions, 100 aspiring ceos learnt about vision, user profiles, business models and roadmaps.