Happy New Year girls! It's time to get going and start on those 2017 goals. Here's the 2017 programme for the monthly FGC events:


Monthly Workshops For Future Female Leaders
London, UK
Hosted by Sharmadean Reid MBE with Key Panel Speakers

Idea Validation - Should you even be starting a startup?

Being an entrepreneur has never been so cool, but with a large amount of businesses failing, this talk aims to help you understand how to quickly and cheaply find out if there is a market need for your company. Are you truly solving a problem? Do we really need another subscription box, social media platform or delivery app? Our panel will help you ask those tough questions of yourself and your ideas with validation hacks to help you test the waters.

Incorporating Your Company - Setting yourself up for the long term

Sometimes founders can give away too much too early leaving little room for future rounds. This workshop will show you how to decide on the initial structure of the business and company formation. Discussing questions such as the difference between A and B shares, how to actually incorporate a UK company, creating a cap table, creating a structure for multiple co-founders and creating an employee option pool.

Mentoring -  Books, people, podcasts and finding your gang

Your mindset, circle you keep, information you receive from different mediums all impact how you operate as an entrepreneur. Mentoring aids this process and is a valuable asset to overcome hurdles and prevent rookie mistakes. We will be sharing what classic business books to read, blogs to check out and podcasts to listen to. How to connect with other CEOs that will be your gang that you grow with and share your successes together.

Pre Launch Perception - Communicating your vision to outsiders

From the minute you begin talking about your idea you are being judged. How do you share your vision with others - your team, your investors, your customers? How does that translate into company culture? How do you conduct yourself in your meetings and networking? Culture is created whether you like it or not, so this workshop aims to help you craft and control what it means to be you.

How You Will Make Money - Business models that work.

Turning your idea into a great business model is integral part of creating value in your company. How can you execute on a vision to bring lasting revenue in your business. We take a look at the Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas as a framework for developing an effective business model that creates, captures and delivers value.

The Not So Glam Part of Running a Business - Creating a company operating system

How you do things internally reflects on your team's output. Laying the groundwork for a smooth running operating system can be crucial to getting things done. We discuss everything from goal setting, what collaboration tools to use, team away days, to methods of communication and performance reviews. Our panel share their techniques for managing their employees effectively no matter what size of the company.

Finding a Technical Co-Founder

Hustlers and Hipsters have a very different mindset to Hackers and quite often their paths don’t cross. How to do you find that incredible engineer or developer to build your product? How do you brief them? How can you tell a good developer from a bad one and how do you maintain that relationship when your personality types are so different? This class aims to help you build a long term working relationship with your CTO.

Always Be Hiring - It's the CEOs job

Why you shouldn't leave hiring to other people. We talk on the importance of talent in your organisation. What roles should a start-up be aiming to fill initially? How do you craft an appropriate compensation package? How do you onboard that new hire and set them up for success? We help you understand how much time you should be dedicating to hiring and how to manage the process.

User Profiles

Who are your market and how are you planning on reaching them? If you've spent all your time and budget on building that killer app with no thought to how you're going to get users to download it, this class will help you identify your market and know how to reach them. We walk through customer and client personas giving you a key framework for future business decisions.

Creating a launch plan for influencers/early adopters.

Early adopters are an anomaly in your business, but are essential for user feedback from the outliers. With your customer profiles done, this class helps you create a launch plan to excite and incite this audience and convert these users into customers who will then spread it across their networks. Covering online and offline launch plan steps and how you evaluate its success.

Customer Acquisition

The cost to acquire customers indicates if you are operating financially effectively as a business. Every type of marketing communication, and tools used to attract potential customers has a cost. We discuss formulas on CAC (customer acquisition cost) and CLV (customer lifetime value) and for Saas business, churn.  These metrics will enable you to see and predict the success or failure of your business.

Why Investors Say No

Investing is part science, part black art, and there are a myriad of reasons why investors will decide to pass on your blood sweat and tears. It may be that you’re not ready, it may be that your business doesn't interest them, it could simply be that you didn't actually ask for money. We ask our panel to give us insight into actual reasons that they decide to say no to entrepreneurs.

Now, who's excited to get started? See you there!