one lit workshop

one lit workshop

On Thursday the 2nd of August, we got SHOOKStella Creasy, Walthamstow Labour MP, hosted one of her infamous Circular Firing Up Squad session with our network. For one night it wasn’t just about business. We focused on entrenched female realities at work, home, & in life, then workshop-ed our way to solidifying our goals.

CFUS fgc.jpg


Before we did anything, we had to check that the fgc fam was keeping healthy. You won’t glow up right if you don’t start with the basics, ygm?

The checklist asked mental & physical health questions then converted them into a single score - a metric to reflect on & a cause for self-care improvement.

The lower your score, you gotta love yourself more!

The higher, you’re treating yourself right.

Try it for yourself.

SESSION 2 // what u gonna BE?

Health check, done -  time to get our aspirations down. 

In our groups of 12, we all wrote 10 words to summarise our future goals.

This is much harder than you think. Trying to pin your aspirations to a few words or a sentence is tricky, especially as the girls in attendance had a lot they wanted to achieve. 

Having a few words is a great touchstone for honing in on your goals. Shar suggested that gals put them on their bathroom mirrors so they know what they are working towards everyday.

Once we all confirmed our 10 words we handed them to Stella to revisit later in the evening.

Watch it all go down here.


This was perhaps the most jarring session of the evening. 
Everyone had 4 sticky notes to share what they would tell their; 14-year-old self, 80-year-old self, Their best friend, & The men in their lives

Stella read aloud our contributions & we noticed each group of comments gave a general sentiment.

  1. 14-year-old self  // 'like a hug'. 

  2. 80-year-old self // 'Be a bad ass'

  3. Their best friend // I believe in you & cheerleader like (very topical as you'll read)

  4. The men in their lives // ... this one was mixed. Apparently, men are either trash or the best thing to happen to the gals there

We compared the responses between the first two age questions, & the other two, then dissected how we approached the questions as a whole. 

Stella wanted the girls to realise how differently we approach & talk to these 'third parties', especially compared to how we treat ourselves. 

i.e. you’ll cheer on your best friend to get that dream job, where As you’ll doubt yourself for even getting to the interview. 

Stella encouraged us to treat ourselves & others with more positivity - a great positioning as for our next session.


For our this session, we returned to our 10-word goals with a better attitude to when we wrote them an hour earlier. The girls were invited to turn & talk to the person beside about the previous sessions & their occupational visions. 

Gaining advice from our peers, we were all inching closer to firming our next steps for our personal success. 

But we all know every team does better with some cheerleaders - right? 

Stella invited several girls to have the attention of all those in attendance. 

To warm them up, Stella asked the evening’s crowd if they had spoken to the candidate (even if they'd just met!), and to share their thoughts, advice, & words of affirmation. Nothing like constructive words from a new face to get a little fuel in your “#YouGotDis’ fire 🔥

After some love, the girl would publicly articulate their mission & the title that would come with that aim. 

Some needed a little more encouragement in order to get them to spit out the right titles for their dreams

the director isn’t gonna cut it, honey - you gotta be the C.E.O!

When they nailed their pending title, obv the fgc gang then gave a HOOT & a HOLLAR like every good cheerleader should! 

We had the CEO of the first entirely ethical high street fashion store, & CEO of a Glaswegian community centre in our midst, but we’re pretty sure there were a few more Future Female CEOs knocking about that we just didn’t have time to cheer for 📣


It wouldn’t be an FGC event if there wasn't something actionable to end with!

Other than the crew all having a better idea of their goals & how to achieve them, everyone was told to get the email address of someone they met that evening & in a months time (that’s Sept 2nd for those who were there!) to send them an email to ask how they were getting on.

Then we ended with some obligatory fgc networking!


We can’t tell you HOW FGC VIBEY STELLA IS!

She tackled entrenched scuppering female behaviours & really fired our gals up. YO, she even wore our brand colours; internet blue & hot pink xx

We’re so grateful for her time that evening. Legit, she makes us wanna step our event GAME & replicate some of her sessions for future events.

Stella hosted this out the kindness of her heart so PLEASE AS A SIGN OF GRATITUDE dish some dosh to her amazing work


For the fgc OG’s Shar & Emily who organised the event, show some love by spreading the fgc word & keeping on your stride towards being a baller x

Oh yeah - also, big up the babes who joined us at Campus London. It was dreamy summer day in London and they could have easily been drinking a yummy Aperol Spritz on a piazza somewhere, but instead they committed to the groundwork! Kudos & fgc points to Y'all! xx 

Righto, on to the next event (keep Sept 6th & 13th free future girls)

 Chapps x