latticia morapedi is a true product of the FGC universe. the founder & creator of LATTICIA Organics lets us in on how she went from our mentorship event to market & whipped up a beauty business in a matter of months. 

The Idea... From as early as 14, I have been watching my mother look after herself through eating well and nourishing her skin by making her own products like scrubs and masks. Around 16 to 19 I battled with acne and hyper-pigmentation, covering my skin in makeup to make my self feel somewhat confidence. When I turned 20 I decided I needed to take a wellness approach to my body and my skin. Cutting out harsh chemical products, eating better and making skincare products to clear up my skin. I soon realised that brands that I often spent a lot of money on, failed to educate me on how incorporating a healthy and balanced lifestyle can also improve your skin. It was only until I started to do my own research that this became apparent to me. LATTICIA Organics is a lifestyle brand rooted in wellness and self-love because I believe that as well as providing a skincare brand, I synonymously create digital content to inform and inspire a lifestyle that prioritises wellness.

The Product... 

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My first product launch is my hand whipped shea soufflé. My philosophy is that products should be multi-functional, healing and 100% natural.

I worked hard to perfect the Whipped Shea Soufflé formula so that it is light weight yet nourishing, multi-use and an all round cult item all year round. You can use this as a face, body and hair moisturiser. Becoming a mother seriously made me strip back my skincare essentials as I am always on the go/travelling. My whipped shea soufflé makes it easy for me.

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The Successes... In order to get my business off the ground I ran a Indiegogo campaign for 2 weeks and managed to raise £1015 is pre-orders, this helped me to cosmetically assess my product in order to meet Cosmetic EU regulations, order packaging and bulk buy ingredients! It was a huge success and made it so much easier to accelerate the business and get the product to market. It was also a great validating tool, I created an mvp product, took photos, posted about it on social media and people pledged without physically seeing anything. 

The Challenges... Launching only one product has been tough as I am constantly product developing. However, that has also has it's benefits as I am able to really focus on doing one thing great. My main challenge is keeping on top of cash flow and insuring that there is a flow of money to keep up with the demands of the business.

The FGC Experience... My first event was Mentorship in March 2017 with FGC. I was SO inspired to start my own business after I heard Sharmadean's story of launching and running WAH nails and Futuregirlcorp

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I literally listened to every podcast, futuregirlcorp youtube vid while I was pregnant/living in the Netherlands.

I actually travelled from Wolverhampton to London when I was 8 months pregnant to go to my first event as soon as I came back from working in Rotterdam. It was sooooo worth it! Learning about the power of mentorship made me seek out my current mentor! I also made an amazing group of friends and we still meet up/ chat on WhatsApp! 


The Advice... "Understand a gap, test the market, create an mvp and validate your idea"

The Future... My long term goal is to create a range of 100% natural, organic and vegan multi-use products whilst educating, informing and inspiring a wellness lifestyle!

www.latticiaorganics.co.uk / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram