FGC Book Club | Vol. 7

FGC Book Club | Vol. 7

The girls within our kick-ass FGC community share some of their current book recommendations: the best reads that have inspired and motivated them over the past year. 

To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink. 


Really helped me get over my instinctive aversion to sales! - Claire Pettitt, Head of Operations at YouCanBook.Me

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle


“All about how you’re not necessarily born with talent. It is through constant deep practice and consistency that makes you talented at that skill. Really good read, would definitely recommend.”

- Rochelle Rodney-Massop, Retail Merchandising 

Fearless and Free by Wendy Sachs


“Practical, honest and encouraged me to launch my own panel events.”

- Naomi Oluleye, Brand & Communications Consultant

24 Assets by DanielPresstley

“Makes you look at what assest you have within your business"

Krissi Boakye, Founder of Seekrs London


The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. 


“It’s one of those life-changing books. It offers practical advice and tips to achieve the kind of life you want. I love how he emphasises that success can mean different things to different people.”

-Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe, Founder of SKNDOCTOR

Ice Cream for Breakafast  by Laura Jane Williams

"Owning a business also means you will constantly be managing your mental health and this book reminds you what it's like to be an uninhibited child, reaching for your dreams without caring about what anyone else thinks. Highly recommended.” 

- Angelica Louise, Founder of Fempire Collective.

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

He looks at the different perspectives and interactions that come together to create the 'perfect timing' for a business or idea. A look at the psychology of business success in terms of how business concepts function within the outside world. - Chinasa Chukwu, Founder of Weruzo

Creative Confidence by Tom Kelley & David Kelley.


“The brothers behind IDEO, a fantastic book for anyone questioning whether they are ‘too business’ to be creative to ‘too creative’ to be business. If you read even one chapter, let it be the chapter called Dare.”  

- Anjali D’Souza, UX Designer